Your Weight Loss Journey Begins in Rock Hill, SC

Our personal trainer offers a variety of fitness services

If you've struggled to lose weight, it's time to phone a friend. Get Fit With Troy schedules in-home personal training sessions. Learn how to tone and tighten your stomach, develop stamina and eat well. Troy also facilitates group fitness classes. Try a dynamic workout that will challenge you.

When you're celebrating, it's easy to lose self-control. Don't throw yourself a pity party - schedule an intense workout session. Of Troy, one client said:

"[He's] the best trainer I've ever had! Within 1 month I was able to reduce my wait by 2 inches. I went from a 10 to an 8. Working on size 6 now!" - Alease J.

You, too can experience incredible results. Transform your body with Troy's help. For more information about our Rock Hill, South Carolina gym, call 803-327-6348.