In order to achieve, you must believe...

Troy Harris is a certified personal trainer with more than 18 years of involvement with fitness. As a young man, Troy began working out at the local Rock Hill YMCA, and he was serious about his workout regiment. It was this dedication to his routine, that prompted an invitation to a local church revival to talk to the youth about the benefits of bodybuilding.

Troy really enjoyed working with the youth and saw this as God’s way of introducing him to the work he should be doing - fitness training. Troy’s devotion and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed; it lead to the opportunity to take personal training classes and obtain certifications. In turn, Troy introduced personal training to members of the YMCA.

Troy believes that his past experiences allowed him to excel as a personal trainer and this was all of God’s plan for him.

"When you set your mind to changing your life, you can..."

Troy works with a variety of clientele- corporate clients, high school and college athletes, homemakers, teachers, and many more. In fact, Troy is willing to work with anyone who is interested in re-shapping their bodies and developing a healthier life style. Troy continuously reminds those that train under him, that consistency is the key.